USAIsrael.or is a project of, a 20-year-old orthodox Judaism organization.

Mesora's mission is first, to educate all interested people on authentic Judaism (Bible) as received from Moses and transmitted by the Prophets, Talmudic Sages and today's Rabbis. Second, we act and encourage others to take defensive action against any entity intent on harming Jews and Judaism. To this end, USAIsrael spearheads activism campaigns, harnessing our collective voice to preserve Jewish life in its every expression.

It is our hope that many others – Jew and Gentile alike –  share our mission and join our campaigns.

USAIsrael is a project of, a 22-year-old Jewish Orthodox organization educating Jews and gentiles on Bible knowledge.

USAIsrael acts as the activism arm of Mesora to enable masses to defend Israel. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.