Silence is Compliance. Use Your Voice to Fight Anti-Semitism

Demand universities immediately fire anti-Semitic professors Daniel McGuire, Jaspir Puar, Muhammad Shahid Alam and Hatem Bazian.

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  • Jan 2022: The founder hosted a private fund raiser for an abused wife and family and generated needed funds.
  • May 2021: Double-header: We posted ads for 1000s of facebook connections to urge Sen. Chuck Schumer to condemn the "Squad" for their anti-Semitism, and we asked everyone to thank Tom Cotton with emails for passing legislature to fight anti-Semitism. For 23 years we continue to defend Jewish life and improve world Jewry.
  • July 2020: We organized an email campaign to request the firing of anti-Semitic professors Daniel McGuire (Marquette Univ.), Jaspir Puar, (Rutgers Univ.), Muhammad Shahid Alam (Northeastern Univ.) and Hatem Bazian (UC Berkeley) who openly encourages a US-based intifada.
  • Aug. 2019: We asked rep. Tommy Hanes (AL) for a letter exclusively to USAIsrael regarding the 8/25/19 GOP resolution to expel Ilhan Omar, and he graciously responded. We shared this on social media to build awareness and contribute to Omar's expulsion.
  • Feb. 2019: We asked our 10,000s of facebook connections to thank the president for requesting Omar's resignation over her anti-Semitic remarks.
  • Dec. 2017: We asked our subscribers and facebook connections to support and thank the president for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
  • Dec. 2017: We campaigned, harnessing our website and facebook connections to pass the TAYLOR FORCE ACT — ending Palestinian payments to terrorists.
  • Sept. 2017: We campaigned to help the Jewish homeless, giving 100% of funds to the needy.
  • Aug. 2017: Houston residents were victimized by hurricane Harvey. USAIsrael raised funds to help this community. Victims received 100% of funds raised.
  • July 2017: We used our website and facebook connections to drive letters to the World Council of Churches who endorsed Palestinian protests over the Temple Mount. We urged people to write the WCC that they protest Palestinian murderers.
  • Oct. 2016: We used our website to drive letters to congress protesting UNESCO.
  • Oct. 2016: We developed strong facebook presences and ad campaigns to promote Antisemite and Jews for Moses to our target audience.
  • Sept. 2016: With the rise of BDS and increased anti-Semitism, we launched to displel fallacy, eliminate hate and bring hate crime offenders to justice.
  • Sept.  2016: Responding to Jews for Jesus targeting our youth, we launched This site offers our youth clear and concise reasons why Jesus is rejected.
  • June 2016: In response to the murder of Hallel Yaffa Ariel, an Israeli teenager stabbed to death in her sleep, we have reignited our campaign to contact US Senators, urging they end funding of the Palestinians.
  • May 2016: We raised funds to help a lime disease victim obtain necessary medication.
  • Oct. 2015: In response to the new wave of Palestinian civilian knivings, we created a facebook badge to enable solidarity with Israel.
  • Oct. 2015: In response to the new wave of Palestinian civilian knivings, we launched a new campaign to halt funding to the PA until it will restrain its population's violence.
  • Aug. 2015: Harnessing our subscriber base and social media we helped Jews globally write Senators to reject the Iran Deal and sign our letter. (See our home page)
  • Apr. 2015: Harnessing our subscriber base and social media we promoted Jewish values to tens of thousands during the WZO vote campaign.
  • Jan. 2015: In appreciation to PM Manuel Vall for his outspoken support of Israel, we created a thank you letter writing page to enable others to express their appreciation, and encourage the Prime Minister's continued support.
  • July 2014: In appreciation to PM Stephen Harper for his outspoken support of Israel, we created a thank you letter writing page to enable others to express their appreciation, and encourage the Prime Minister's continued support.
  • July 2014: In response to Obama's pledge of $440 mil. in aid to the PA/Hamas government, we raised awareness and garner support to revoke such aid.
  • Nov. 2012: In response to the lives devastated by Hurricane Sandy, we launched a campaign to raise funds to assist her victims, who were so appreciative for your support.
  • Sept 2011: We launched a facebook campaign aligning 9/11's terror with Gilad Shalit.
  • May 2010: We launched an online voting campaign at our website to urge CHANGE for Israel from the Obama administration
  • Nov. 2009: We launched an online voting campaign at our website to urge UN ambassadors to reject the Goldstone Report.
  • Jan. 2009: We amassed about 10,000 signatures in support for the IDF in Gaza.
  • Jan. 2009: We created a special Gaza issue to give strength to IDF soldiers.
  • Jan. 2009: Our friend Sammy – in Israel for high school – wanted to help the IDF. Together, we created a Donations page.
  • Dec. 2008:  $15,000 was raised in 24 hours to help save infant cancer victim Menchi Landon.
  • May 2006: Darfur: In conjunction with Rabbi Reuven Mann of Rinat Yisrael, Plainview, NY, we launched Jews for Darfur to petition for support of human life.
  • Nov. 2004: We launched a boycott protesting France's doctors' medical aid of Arafat.
  • Sept. 2003: We launched the 911 site to help support policies enabling Israel's freedom of self-defense.
  • Sept. 2003: OneNation continues to rally votes in support of vital issues with its current campaign for the Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit in D.C.
  • Sept. 2003: We recently launched a new FREE classifieds section to promote business, assisting those seeking work, or to make important announcements.
  • 2002 and prior: OneNation is a venue for all people to vote on issues vital to Israel's survival. We rallied to halt U.S. funding to the PA, and abandon policies calling for the creation of a Palestinian state while terrorism is the adopted lifestyle and encouraged in educational and media channels.
  • We launched a campaign to keep Alan Keyes on MSNBC. In less than 2 months, 77,000 people signed, pledging to turn off MSNBC if Keyes leaves. Keyes has been outspoken, defending Israel's plight, and has been a true friend to us.
  • $10,000 raised for school under Intifada attack
  •  We continue to promote rallies creating awareness and condemnation of Arab terror. The most recent rally was in response to the 11 murders and 50 wounded in Jerusalem.
  • We created a page to email 232 French officials demanding and end to anti-Semitic attacks.
  • We created a page to email 460 US officials with a single click.
  • We requested congress pass a resolution officially labeling Arafat a terrorist. This was passed.
  • For the historic 4/15 rally in Washington attended by 200,000, we created "download able" posters so our readers could print them from their PC.
  • We teamed with the Israel Security Fund to raise over $40,000.00 in just 2 weeks. 100% of funds went for ambulance purchases in Israel.
  • We reacted to the US policy of creating a Palestinian state next door to us, and obtained thousands of signatures sent to 460 government officials.
  • We developed a response to Israel's need to boost her economy, urging US firms to redirect their regular monthly spending, replacing current suppliers with Israeli vendors.
  • Our massive e-mail campaign urging Sharon's military defense has soared to 25,000 signatures and grows daily.
  • We recruited over 650 volunteers to assist in the World Trade Center recovery effort.
  • We e-mailed 460 contacts urging the shutdown of Indian Point nuclear power plant, a prime target for terrorism. Our map was sent to display the fallout regions.
  • French Jews experienced over 400 anti-Semitic attacks since Oct. 2001. We are responding with a campaign urging Jews to sign their names and send e-mails via our preformatted letter. 25,000 signatures were obtained and sent to the authorities and the press.


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